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Firoza, meaning turquoise in Farsi, describes the colour of the most gorgeous lakes found around the world and the semiprecious stones adorning jewellery. Natural and calming, turquoise truly encapsulates the philosophy of our line of skincare.

We firmly believe that products containing elements unsafe for internal consumption should not be applied externally onto our bodies. Hailing from India, we combine eastern and western sensibilities together by blending traditional herbs and extracts with locally-sourced, mostly organic ingredients. Our knowledge of Ayurveda further deepens our passion to share the goodness and benefits of our products with you. Suitable for all ages and genders, every Firoza product is handcrafted in small batches, ensuring exceptional quality to nourish your skin.

Handmade with love in Canada. 

"We LOVE‎ the soap!! The whole bathroom smells great (and my skin)! Can't wait to try them all."  -S.A.

"Great products! I loved the lavender based body butter. My kids Love the fragrance of it too! Soaps are good quality and do not leave the skin dry. Would recommend for all and safe for kids too." -H.S.B.

"Our family loves Firoza products! The soaps lather up nicely and they last longer than most high-quality soap. We also love the scents - not too strong but not too weak. I grow a beard in the winter months and found the soap leaving my beard soft and the skin feeling great. We also enjoy the lip balm - it too lasts longer than other organic lip balms! Great, high quality, natural products!" - L.B. 

"Awesome products! I love using the body butter, lip balm and soaps. They are full of wholesome organic ingredients and the results are amazing! Well done - I finally have the products, I can use confidently." - N.A. 

About Us

Nidhi Sachdeva


I am a mother, a multilingual Occupational Therapist with a strong focus on Nutrition, a Registered BIE Practitioner, a Health & Wellness Coach and an Educator. I grew up in India where natural remedies have a long historical tradition and are an integral part of daily life. I understand the timelessness and value of natural remedies and holistic practices for healing.

I am also a DIY lover, and a smoothie addict. I love travelling, hiking, learning languages, meeting people and researching practical ways to lead simpler, happier & healthier life.

Why Firoza?

I have been making body care and house cleaning products for my family for years. When I started making skincare products for my friends and family as gifts, they were received with such love and positivity. Hence launching Firoza was the most organic step in that journey for me. I feel strongly motivated and inspired to share this passion with the wider community. 

My mission is to educate people the importance of using safe body care/skin care products and to make these easily accessible to more and more people around me. 

Firoza products represent my love for natural and safe ingredients and their importance for our overall health. 

With Firoza, I aim to bring nature to skin!

Firoza in Stores

Pure Health - 60 St. Clair East, Suite 1004, Toronto, M4T 1N5

Oma Chiropractic -  1 Munro St, Toronto, ON M4M 2B7

EcoExistence - 766 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C

Lucy Pearlle Studio and Vintage Market - 3677 Nafziger Rd, Wellesley, ON N0B 2T0

Toronto, Canada